The Aussie Possie Trap
Aussie Possie Trap
Price: 5 Shilling
On Hit: Piss for 6 sec
Detonates stickybombs near the crosshair and directly under your feet
-95% damage penalty
-85% clip size
2.0 sec slower bomb arm time

The Aussie Possie Trap is a secondary weapon for the Sniper.

While not stated, it is based on the Scottish Resistance and as such shares its stats, through the slower arm time is overlapped with a stronger arm time penalty and and the bonus firing speed is made inefective due to the clip size lowered to 1. It also deals heavily reduced damage, but applies Jarate for 6 seconds to any enemy hit.

It also hold a very large amount of reserve ammo, due to the Sniper's secondary having more reserve ammo than the Demoman's secondary, and due to the Scottish Resistance's increased reserve ammo results in a total of 113 reserve ammo.

Damage and function timesEdit

Damage and Function Times
Damage type Projectile (Stickybomb)
Maximum ramp-up 115% 7
Base damage 100% 6
Maximum fall-off 50% 3
Critical 13-18
Mini-crit 5-8
Function Times
Attack interval 1.09 s
Arm time 2.92 s


  • Due to the long arm time, the slow firing speed due to the limited clip size, it is not recommanded to use this weapon as a direct combat weapon. Use it to lay traps like you would with the Scottish Resistance.
  • Its stickybombs will apply the Jarate debuff even if the target is at the edge of its explosion radius, maximize the numbers of trap by adding the minimum stickies in each trap.
  • Unlike a standard Stickybomb Launcher, its traps deals almost no damage, making it rare to kill someone with it, don't rely on it alone to stop attackers.
  • You cannot detonate stickies with your primary weapon active, be very cautious when trying to detonate traps.
  • The ridiculously high amount of reserve ammo makes collecting ammunition for this weapon alone really rare.
  • A Great battle tactic is when you hide the sticky bombs and stand near it then wait for someone to pass though the door or go around a corner and Detonate it and whip out your Bushwaka while there covered in piss.


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