The Bandaid Bison
250px-Righteous Bison
Price: 5 Shilling
Creator: girl
Saps harmless energy from the target, healing you.
Does no damage to players.
Does minimal damage to buildings.

The Bandaid Bison is a Secondary-slot weapon for the Soldier. It visually looks like the Righteous Bison. and also referred as a Mysterious Benevolent Raygun. It was recently removed.

The weapon can drain enemies's life without harming them, and do little to no damage to buildings.

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Though it seems like a joke weapon because it does no damage, it heals you pretty fast, and you can take advantage of enemy players, that will probably look at you doing nothing thinking you were friendly because you were doing no damage to them. Still, it's a great alternative to Health Kits if you're in the middle of the battle.

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