Blizzard Builder
100px-Aw-Blizzard Builder
Price: N/A Shilling
All damage dealt is used to repair and build buildings.
All damage dealt is also used to remove sappers from sentries.
10% of damage done is retrived by the machine.
Replaces wrench and secondary.
Buildings are destroyed upon death.
The Blizzard Builder is one of the many removed weapons in AW2, and is also one of the first weapons ever featured in the mod. This weapon had you being able to upgrade, repair and remove sappers from buildings by hurting players, at the cost of not being able to do any of the above with your wrench.

This machine was a passive secondary weapon that acted like the wrench (seeing has it would do everything the wrench does by hitting enemies) and promoted a much more offensive way of playing as an engineer. [1]

This weapon was removed because of a bug that appeared much later into the Advanced Weaponiser history, where when the user died with a modified wrench, it would destroy all of their buildings.


The player would basically have to build a base and then hope enemies would come by so that they could kill them, making the base upgrade. A riskier but much more used tatic was leaving the base and going to kill enemies. While the base would be subject to attacks, you could fix it by dealing damage to other players. This was risky because the damage dealt by you would sometimes not be enough to fix the buildings being damaged. The latter tactic would make the engineer a much more offensive and helpful class.

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