AW2 is actually called Advanced Weaponiser 2 not because it being a mod to Team Fortress 2, but rather because of it being a "sequel" to the original mod, simply called Advanced Weaponiser. The gamemode, very early in it's lifespan, divided into 2 servers, AW- and AW+. The AW- server was for public use, and contained less weapons than the AW+ server. The AW+ server was a closed beta server in which new weapons were tested (sort of how we use WOTM and WOTD's to test weapons now)and, obviously, had far more items. At some point, the AW servers (both AW- and AW+) held a hat, called The Rad Rap, and became vintage if you obtained them before December 17th 2010. It was a cap like hat, that had goggles. It was wearable by any class. There was yet another hat called The Southie Arlecchino, which was a jester's hat for the scout. The first mod contained a much MUCH more simplified UI, being made out of text, while in it's later days being a simple HTML. In the first version of the mod, there were many diferent and unique weapons, that unfortenley din't make it past the 1st version. One of the major changes the 1st version had were viewmodels for nearly all weapons. We do have to take in account that the 1st version had far less weapons.

The weapons that din't make it into the 2nd version, or that made it in but were then removed are listed below.

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