The Celtic King
Price: N/A Shilling
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The Celtic King is a very interesting weapon. First of all, it was exclusive to the Great Slag Treasure Hunt, which occured for a month. The Treasure Hunt involved the player finding treasures that contained certain items. The celtic king was one of the 4 treasures you could find. It was a secondary weapon that acted as a shield, but it was different from the shields in Team Fortress 2. It was kind of bizzare, but worked well.

This weapon's attributes were:

  • When the king (the wearer) or anyone near him did damage, the charge increased.
  • Gave up to 50% of speed and damage to the user based on charge. (The more it was, the more speed and damage you dealt, kind of like The Eyelander )
  • Gave up to 25% of speed and damage to allies nearby based on charge.
  • The more charge you had, the faster it would drain.
  • The user would press the alt button to Parry.
  • 25% of the charge was used to block the first source of damage.

Reasons for removalEdit

The weapon was removed because it was too overpowered, and possibly due to the fact that it was event exclusive.


This item acted more like the soldier's buff banner than a shield. Though it did have the ability to block, it would be more used in a gang attack. This was a great item for teamwork, seeing has everyone near the shield carrier would do about 25% more damage, and would move 25% faster. A great weapon for King Of The Hill maps.


  • This item could only be found in the Great Slag treasure hunt, an event held up for ~1 month in which the players had to find treasure on maps. To find treasure, players would have to kill players to get a clue, which would give them a hint about the item's location.
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