The Claw of Fate
Price: N/A Shilling
Flare replaced by a rope that could pull players.
50% slower fire rate
The Claw of fate was a Pyro secondary flaregun that acted like a fishing pole. It had the ability to pull players towards you with a rope, so that you could finish them off with your melee/primary. It fired slowly and the flare was replaced with a rope.

Reasons for removalEdit

The Claw of Fate was said to turn the AW server into a fishing minigame, because all players went pyro at the top of a roof, and started fishing players. It could also be used to grief and generally made the player's experience on the server less fun.


  • There's a video on youtube showing off players fishing each other from roofs on the map koth_harvest, watch it here.


If a player hooked another player with the Claw of Fate, and the other started airblasting, the two could fly, since the one that's grabbing the airblaster is flying, the airblaster would also fly.

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