Endless Carnage
Aw-Endless carnage
Price: N/A Shilling
+30% max health
+30% firing speed
On hit: 20%+ Health.
-50% damage dealt
The Endless Carnage was an advanced weaponiser weapon that was from the first mod. This weapon was eventually changed in the stats because they were equal to the backscratcher stats (this was made BEFORE the backscratcher), until it was completly scrapped

Why it was removedEdit

The weapon was just like the backscratcher ( when the latter was released ) and upon change, a few weeks later, the weapon was entirely removed due to being OP.


This weapon was fairly easy to play with. You'd just have to go crazy. Normally people would use it has a health buff and nothing else, another reason for it being removed too.


  • This was the first weapon ever made for Advanced Weaponiser!
  • This was also one of the few weapons that got in TF2, altough with a diferent model and name
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