The Fists of Fury
Unknown Fists
Creator: LilGuy
Unleash your inner fighting spirit!
+35% faster firing speed
-40% damage penalty
No random critical hits
Now what does this do? With every three hits you make with these Fists, you get a corresponding buff or enemy-damaging debuff depending on whether you dealt left or right handed punches. Extremely inspired by arcade style fighting games. You can either try to learn all the combos and master them or you can do what you normally do and button mash your way to victory. And no, you don't get an instruction manual. You should be smart enough to figure them out as you go along.
— Weapon announcement on the official Slag Forum

The Fists of Fury was a February 2012 Weapon of the Month, it's a melee weapon for the Heavy. They were later reintroduced in May 2012.

While it swings faster than the standard fists, it deals less damage per hit and lacks the ability to do random crits, making this weapon very similar to the Eviction Notice. However, its main feature is its Combo ability : each combinaison of 3 hits will give a special effect depending of the left/right punches these 3 hits were; for example Left/Left/Right will be a critical hit, whereas Right/Left/Left will give the user mini-crits for a short duration

There were atleast 6 combos, each with diferent propeties and outcomes.

Damage and Function timesEdit

Damage and Function Times
Damage type Melee
Base damage 100% 39
Critical 117
Mini-crit 45-61
Bleeding 8 / s 64 total
Function Times
Attack interval 0.52 s
Effect duration 4/8/1/3 s

Combo SystemEdit

Each combo of 3 hits will have a bonus effect depending on the combinaison of Left/Right that combo constited of.

The combos are:

  1. Left+Left+Left = "RED CYCLONE!": 4 seconds speed boost
  2. Left+Left+Right = "POW!": critical hit
  3. Left+Right+Left = "FEEDING TIME!": heal wearer back to full health
  4. Left+Right+Right = "SO MUCH BLOOD!": 8 seconds bleeding
  5. Right+Right+Right = "COSMONAUT LAUNCHER!": +300% push force for a hit (like Eternal Sleeper)
  6. Right+Right+Left = "IRON CURTAIN!!": 1 second Übercharge
  7. Right+Left+Right = "FEEDING TIME!": heal wearer back to full health
  8. Right+Left+Left = "SOVIET FURY!": 3 seconds mini-crits buff


  • This weapon can be effective in a melee fight, as you will land many more hits than your opponent.
  • The nature of this weapon makes it greatly more effective on Medieval Mode.
  • Each combo has its own situation in which it is more useful than another.
    • RED CYCLONE! allows you to chase enemies effectively, as every other class is faster than the Heavy, but when boosted only Scouts will effectively be able to outrun you.
    • POW! is a deadly combo to assassinate targets, dealing about 183-207 damage, enough to kill anything that isn't overhealed or is a Soldier or another Heavy.
    • FEEDING TIME! can turn the time of almost any melee fight, as it will allow you to go back to full health, this is one of the most useful combo and should never be forgotten.
    • SO MUCH BLOOD! can be useful in dealing with fleeing enemies, and its high duration means you don't have to spam it to be useful. Use it after a SOVIET FURY! to boost its damage to 86.
    • COSMONAUT LAUNCHER! is quite situational, but if used well can allow you to damage an enemy with the 3 hits before knocking it out of reach, effectively preventing an immediate counterattack.
    • IRON CURTAIN!! is a really strong combo, and if recklessy used can allow you to rampage through the enemies, as the almost constant invicibility will make damaging you requiring good timing. However, it does not prevent enemies from knocking you away and does not boost your damage, unlike some others combos can do.
    • SOVIET FURY! is an effective way of boosting your damage against heavier enemies or landing a SO MUCH BLOOD! just after. Its buff nature allows you to output other combos before having to land this one again, but recklessy using POW! will result in higher raw damage per second.


  • The February version of this weapon had very slight diferent stats, altough barely noticable.
  • There were rumours this weapon might make it in the gamemode. Unfortunately it din't make it.
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