The Great Escape
Great Escape
Price: 10 Shilling
Instant, but noisy cloak
Removes fluids and burning
While cloaked: Increased move speed
Cannot cloak before meter is full
While cloaked for too long: damage is taken
This watch will not restore cloak from ammo or metal pickups.

The Great Escape is a Watch-slot weapon for the Spy. It's a stone looking sundial with roman numerals on it.

Cloaking with this watch will be instant but noisy and will remove afterburn as well as any fluids, such as Jarate, and the wearer will move faster for the first few seconds in cloak. However, it is impossible to refill the cloak meter with ammo or metal pickups and activate the cloak without a full cloak meter. Also, staying cloaked too long will result in health being drain until decloak, and said decloak will be as noisy as the cloak without being instant.

Damage and Function timesEdit

Function Times
Cloak maximum duration Until death
Cloak fade time Instant
Decloak fade time 1.8 s
Recharge time 30 s


This cloak is a great clock for escaping a tough situation. Since it wears out any effects, including fire, jarate and mad milk, you can dissapear without a trace. The downside is that shortly after the movement boost, your life starts being drained and you move slower. If you want to survive longer cloaked, you'll need health packs near you. A good example of the use of this weapon is a combination with the Stab-n-away. This knife cloaks you when you backstab your enemy, it makes for the perfect escape, since the enemies nearly can't affect you. If you want to make sure fire isn't a problem for you tough, make a combo with the Spycicle, or with the Fire-retardant suit.


- When used with the Stab-n-Away, the cloak will activate even if the cloak meter wasn't full.

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