The Half Life
Half Life
Price: 15 Shilling
Creator: AbeX300
Damage equals to 50% of victim's current health
100% of damage done is returned as health
-25% slower firing speed
No random critical hits
Cannot be crit boosted
This one comes from AbeX300 for the Pyro. The attributes speak for themselves - you hurt someone, you bring them down to half of their current health and then you get to heal yourself for that much. Remember to use on unsuspecting heavier classes for loads of health before you finish them off with your other weapons (Because half of a small number can still never reach down to zero!).
— Weapon announcement on the official Slag Forum

The Half Life is a melee weapon for the Pyro. It takes the apparence of a crowbar.

While this weapon swings slower than the standard Axe and cannot deal crits in any way, any hit will deal damage equal to half the target's current health, while healing the wearer for that same amount.

Damage and Function timesEdit

Damage and Function Times
Damage type Melee
Base damage 100% 50%
Critical N/A
Mini-crit 67%
Function Times
Attack interval 1 s


The Half Life is good in combination with the degreaser. It is perfect for dealing loads of damage at first, and then switching to the degreaser to finish them off. This weapon works more effectively on classes with large amounts of HP (like the Soldier or Heavy). You can also take a lot of risks with this weapon, seeing that damage dealt is returned to you as health.

A very good example of a place to use this weapon is an opened-map, or at the very least a wide room. Koth_Lakeside does justice to the example. Imagine there's a soldier rushing for the main health pack. You can easily deal a lot of damage to the already presumed damaged soldier and quickly dispatch of him with the flamethrower (preferably the degreaser for quick-changing!)


  • The weapon's name and appearance is a reference to another game by Valve, Half-Life.
    • The main protagonist of these game has a crowbar as a signature weapon, like this weapon is.
    • The weapon's name is also a pun on the title of these series, as it literally takes half the target's life.
  • This weapon was originally a February 2012 Weapon of the Month, then reintroduced in May 2012 before becoming a full weapon.
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