The Iron Boots
Iron Boots
Price: 10 Shilling
On Sticky Jump Land: Small Earthquake
+10 max health on wearer
Deals 3x falling damage on the player you land on
-50% reduction in push force taken from non-self damage
This weapon is usable in Medieval Mode
These boots are heavy and slow movement by 15%

The Iron Boots is passive primary weapon for the Demoman. It's a pair of boots with iron at the bottom.

Having this weapon equipped slows the user and make a loud noise every step he makes, but grants bonus max health, resistance to push force (except from self damage) and will deal damage to any enemy the user lands on, based on the fall damage the wearer would have take if he would have landed on the ground. Landing from an explosive jump will also creates a shockwave that knocks away all nearby enemies.

This weapon is also useable in Medieval Mode.



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