Jack & Ripper
Item 22
Price: 30 Shilling
On hit: Send enemy flying away.
When you hit the enemy agaisnt a wall, you deal extra damage.
-40% damage penalty.
30% slower firing speed
The Jack & Ripper, orignially The Alternative Fists of Steel are gloves made out pumpkin.
Heavy 22

A heavy holding the Jack & Ripper

These gloves are so strong it knock backs the enemy, dealing extra damage if it knocks them into a wall. However, the hits deals less damage and are slower compared to standard Fists.

Damage and Function timesEdit

Damage and Function Times
Damage type Melee
Base damage 100% 39
Critical 117
Mini-crit 45-61
Wall damage TBA
Function Times
Attack interval 1.04 s


The Jack & Ripper are most useful in a 1vs1 battle, and mostly near walls. So it can be outdoors, but near a wall/death trap preferably.

A good combination with the jack and ripper is the elektroshock, so that you can throw the enemy out of the way and make a run for a healthpack (during the uber moment of course), or make a combo with the buffalo steak so that you can deal more damage, seeing has the damage is handicapped by the weapon.


  • This weapon originally had the fists of steel model that is currently used in the game for the same weapon, the fists of steel.
  • This weapon, for a time was called "The alternative Fists of Steel", until mecha took the halloween update, night of the living has a chance to change some of his weapons names and models, these include: The Alternative Fists of Steel (changed into "Jack and Ripper"), The Atomic Bat (changed into The Slugger's Face-Off), The Walkabout (just changed the model) and even introduced the knifemare.
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