Long Fall Boots
Item 513
Price: 20 Shilling
Wearer never takes falling damage
-25% health from packs on wearer

The Long Fall Boots are a Secondary-slot boots for the Soldier. Though they resemble the Long Fall Boots from Portal 2, they look like the Gunboats ingame.

The wearer won't take falling damage, but the wearer will also take less health from Health Packs.


You won't take falling damage in any way (excluding cliffs), so the wearer can rocket-jump around without the worrying of taking falling damage. However, you lack a shotgun, and you will take less health from Health Packs, so try to make your distances with other players.


  • None of the attributes of this weapon are actually custom attributes, all vanilla attributes can be found here.
    • It uses the attributes 275 and 109.
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