Price: 10 Shilling
On Back Attack: Mini-Crits
+35% clip size
50% decreased reload time
-30% slower firing speed
-20% bullets per shot
No random critical hits

The Perceptionist is a primary weapon for the Scout in Advanced Weaponiser.

The Perceptionist will deal mini-crit if the target is hit in the back---like the Pyro's Backburner, as well as having a higher clip and reloading faster than the stock Scattergun. However, it cannot deal random critical hits, fires slower and fires less bullet per shot.

Damage and function timesEdit

Damage and Function Times
Damage type Bullet
Maximum ramp-up 175% 10.5 / pellet
Base damage 100% 6 / pellet
Maximum fall-off 50% 3 / pellet
Critical 18 / pellet
Mini-crit 8 - 14 / pellet
Pellet count 8
Pellet spread 30:1
Function Times
Attack interval 0.8125 s
Reload (first) 0.38 s
Reload (consecutive) 0.28 s

Update historyEdit



The perfect weapon for an ambush, the perceptionist fits best for CTF and CP maps. With your fast running scout, you can get behind the enemies and deal much damage to them! Be sure to be sneaky so that any sentries, pyro's or heavy/medic combos don't get in your way, because this weapon isn't the best weapon for face-on-face combat. Preferably, use a strong secondary to finish off the enemy, for example, the Megabuster MKII or Critsmourne The Lifestealer.


  • Originally this weapon had a "On hit: Disorientate target". This attribute was removed late 2012/early 2013 due to alot of complaints and its general "OP'ness".
  • By 2011, when the inventory had its first revolutionary change (HTML code), the devs designed something called the crafting system, (more can be read here) in which users could create their own guns using attributes from weapons of the mod. By the third day of the public release, there were a few people having the "On hit: Disoirentate target"  + "x% faster firing speed" combo. Needless to say, the attribute went into the blacklist for the crafting system.
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