Private Practice
Black Medigun
Übercharge provides mini-crits and defensive buff
On Assist: +15% Übercharge
-25% Übercharge rate
-25% faster overheal decay
The more well-rounded Medigun for pocket Medic-style players. On every kill you assist in, you gain a whole 15% Ubercharge meter bonus. The Kritzkrieg you deploy with this weapon, instead of full crits, deals mini-crits instead; but you and your patient are refunded with a 35% damage resistance defense buff instead. Neat, huh? Though, even though the effect still looks like a full crit Kritzkrieg, the mini-crit effect is there.
— Weapon announcement on the official Slag Forum

The Private Practice is a secondary weapon for the Medic. It was ment to be a February 2012 Weapon of the Month, but due to it not working properly it was removed the next day of its introduction and replaced by the Cauterizer.

Compared to a standard Medigun, it charges its Übercharge slower and its overheal decays faster, but the wearer is granted a significant amount of Übercharge on each assist it does. Its Übercharge grants both mini-crits and a 35% damage resistance to both the wearer and the patient, making this an intermediate between the standard Medigun and the Kritzkrieg.

Damage and function timesEdit

Healing and function times
Healing (in combat) 24 / s
Healing (out of combat) 72 / s
Function Times
Effect duration 8 s
Charge fill speed (normal) 1.875% / s
Charge fill speed (reduced) 0.938% / s
Maximum charge time (normal) 53.3 s
Maximum charge time (reduced) 106.7 s


  • As the announcement implied, this weapon is best for Medics who focus on a single target, as the faster overheal decays makes it unwise for buffing multiples allies.
  • The slower Übercharge rate coupled with the bonus Übercharge on assists makes it suit better aggresives patient that can afford to decimates enemies.
    • Each assist will effectively grants as much Übercharge as 8~16 seconds of continual healing (depending on if the patient is above the 142.5% health treshold).
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