The Rain-Man
Leaves a trail of Grenades
Each grenade deals 50% damage
-50% clip size

The Rain-Man (originally the Scottish Cyclop) was a primary weapon for the Demoman that existed before the transition to Advanced Weaponiser 2 but was removed before it. Its model was later reused by the Blaster Master.

This weapon will fire 3 grenades in a trail shape for each ammo used, but each grenade deals half the damage of a standard grenade and the clip size is halved.

Damage and function timesEdit

Damage and Function Times
Damage type Projectile (Grenade)
Projectile speed 1220 HU / s
Base damage 100% 42-62/11-32
Critical 135-165/95
Mini-crit 57-83/15-43
Self damage 42-74/25-64
Function Times
Attack interval 0.6 s
Reload (first) 1.24 s
Reload (consecutive) 0.6 s



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