The Scrap Collector
Scrap Collector
Price: 8 Shilling
Creator: girl
Collected ammo is converted to health
+5 metal regenerated every 5 seconds on wearer
This weapon is usable in Medieval Mode
10% bullet damage vulnerability on wearer
-40% health from packs on wearer
-25% health from healers on wearer
A passive bonus for the engineer. Meant to make him more durable in melee combat. That is its soul purpose. It's a bit narrow in design, I could see it being useful in non-medieval though.
— Its creator's design ideas for this weapon

The Scrap Collector is a passive secondary weapon for the Engineer. It's a green Scrap Pack. Edit

At the cost of increased bullet vulnerability and reduced health received from all sources (albeit with varying percentages), the wearer will slowly regenerates its metal reserve at a rate of 5 every 5 seconds, or 1 per second.

Also, it converts any ammo collected into health. This only affects ammo pickups, building gibs, and dropped weapons; ammo cannot be collected from Dispensers or carts. Resupply lockers are unaffected. The wearer will still, however, gains metal from these sources.




  • Before being kept as a permanent weapon, it was a Weapon of the Day, part of the Medieval Project.
  • None of the attributes of this weapon are actually custom attributes, all vanilla attributes can be found here.
    • It uses the attributes 258, 113, 67, 109, 69 and 2029.
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