The Shotgun Bride
Shotgun Bride
Price: 0.1 Shilling
Hold Fire to load up your clip
Release Fire to unleash the barrage
+50% clip size

The Shotgun Bride is a primary weapon for the Scout. It's a gun with a golden metallic barrel and a wooden handle, with additional parts that makes it kinda looks a like a crossbow.

Similary to the Beggar's Bazooka, this weapon starts with an empty clip, and holding the Fire button will make the wearer starts reloading until the (reduced) clip is full or the user release the button, the latter causing the wearer to fire the entire loaded clip with a greatly increased fire rate. It also cannot perform critical hits.

Also, this weapons fires perfectly accurate repair claws that cannot repairs buildings insteads of bullets, but they, since they are projectiles, take time to reach their target, meaning that practice is needed for long-range hits.

Damage and Function timeEdit

This weapon shoots fast travelling repair claws. This means that the weapon itself needs a good sense of aiming and movement. Other than that, the weapon is very useful in 1vs1 battles. These arrows DO NOT do headshots, pointing to the head is useless. The weapon works extraordinarily good for an ambush, so keep that in mind before planning an assault.

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