The Texas Terminator
Texas Terminator
Price: 7 Shilling
Creator: Alex76
On Third Consistent Hit: Critical shot
+25% damage bonus
+40% faster firing speed
Hold Fire to load up your clip, release Fire to unleash the barrage
30% more accurate
-75% clip size
20% slower reload time

The Texas Terminator is a secondary weapon for the Engineer. It takes the appearance of a green Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol.

This weapon, in a similar fashion to Panic Attack, starts with 0 rounds loaded. Unlike the Panic Attack, The Texas Terminator does not overload. Holding the fire button will cause the Engineer to reload the weapon, filling its 3 round clip, and releasing the button will cause it to fire the whole clip with bonus damage. Firing speed and accuracy are increased in comparison to the standard Pistol. Landing all 3 shots without missing will reward the user with a critlcal hit.

Damage and function timesEdit

Damage and Function Times
Damage type Bullet
Maximum ramp-up 150% 28
Base damage 100% 19
Maximum fall-off 50% 9
Critical 57
Mini-crit 26-38
Function Times
Attack interval 0.102 s
Reload 1.632 s


  • When all of your buildings are set up, pre-loading this weapon is generally a good idea, as having three powerful shots ready at any time can be incredibly useful for scaring off threats to your nest.
  • Use the increased accuracy to harass Snipers and other stationary targets from afar, as the guaranteed critical shot can make landing 3 consecutive shots deadly. (95-113 damage, 107-133 if powered from mini-crits.)
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