The Underworld's Nightmare
Missing Icon
Creator: Gage
No reload necessary
Useable in Medieval Mode
-15% critical damage
-25% damage penalty
No random critical hits
First thing to say, I have hidden attributes on this thing, which I prolly shouldn't have hidden in the first place. Second...I don't know v.v Remove if y'want...I'm not on the comp atm so I cant do much
— Gage explaining the weapon

The Underworld's Nightmare is a primary weapon for the Sniper, it was a Weapon of the Day.

It's quite similar to the Crusader's Crossbow, except it cannot heal allies and deal less damage, but can headshot and does not need to reload. It is also useable in Medieval Mode.

Damage and function timesEdit

Damage and Function Times
Damage type Projectile (Arrow)
Projectile speed 2400 HU / s
Base damage 100% 38
Critical 96
Mini-crit ?
Function Times
Attack interval ? s



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